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Anything worth doing, is worth over doing.

Automotive Accessories, Parts, Performance, Detailing, Apparel & More!


About Us

We are a small, local automotive accessory/parts business as well as a detail shop that specializes in four wheel drives and diesel trucks. We love a challenge and are willing to take on anything outside our box! Customer service is our number one priority and we will do anything and find everything so that your experience is more than satisfying. 

Our dream is to build yours!

Why We Started

We started Outlaw in December 2016 because we saw that there was a problem in our town when it came to having a specific automotive accessory shop. This was a problem I wanted to solve as I am a vehicle fanatic and have a passion for making them more than just a stock rig. I have made it my mission to continue learning when it comes to the automotive world to better serve our customers in making their ride something they love to drive in the best way possible. 

When we started Outlaw, we wanted to be a one stop shop for all vehicle needs offering the accessories, parts and the install. Shortly after we started, we had a craving to offer more to our customers, so we started detailing cars.

Even then, it wasn't enough; we wanted to be apart of something bigger.

Our goal as a company is to satisfy our customer with the best service and experience while growing the automotive culture by providing events for all people to be apart of!

Join Us!